Charismatic Siberian Bard back in Chicago!


Back in Chicago after 5 years Evgen Malinovskiy invites you for an unforgettable and nostalgic evening of romantic Russian songs and ballads by Vladimir Vysotskij, Bulat Okudzhava as well as his own and other’s compositions…Great idea for spending Paczki Day with a sophisticated artist and your friends (free polish paczki – donuts for participants!) at the exquisite Chopin Theatre…

Tickets $20.00 at the Box Office. Free parking at The Holy Trinity Church (one block East of theater)

More info: 773.457.7267

About Evgen Malinovskiy 

Evgen was born in Siberia, Russia; He has lived in Poland since 1992. He was brought up in a family with musical traditions. Evgen studied at Kemerovo Arts & Culture College, which he graduated from as an orchestra conductor. In May, 2009 he graduated from Giedroyc College of Communication and Media in Warsaw, Poland, Actor Department.
He is a musician, movie & theater actor, Vysotsky’s, Okhudzhava’s & Rosenbaum’s songs performer.
As a bass guitar player Evgen took part in many musical projects both in Russia and Poland.

His last project before leaving Russia and starting his adventure in Poland was a band „Rawnodienstwie” (EQUINOX). Evgen established the band in 1992; his and the band’s name are mentioned in the Omsk 1965-2003 Rock Stage Encyclopedia issued in Omsk in 2003.  Man cannot leave without his music. Soon after moving to Poland, not speaking the language very well yet, together with his friends he established a rock band called Hippocampus (1994-2000), where he also played a bass guitar. In 1997-2001 he cooperated with Zdobywcy Pewnych Oskarów band; in 2002-2003 as a bass guitar player, Evgen participated in a Sapo project of Krzysztof Walecki, as well as with Canadian guitar player and blues musician of Polish roots, Lester Kidson.

As an actor, Evgen appears in a number of Polish movies and TV serials, such as: Ekstradycja, Miasto prywatne, Na koniec świata, Boża podszewka, Na dobre i na złe, Szczur, Quo vadis, Plebania, Lokatorzy, Fala zbrodni, Pensjonat pod różą, Kryminalni, Bulionerzy, Odwróceni. In January 2007 Evgen Malinovskiy made his debut as a theater actor at the Warsaw’s Polonia Theater of Krystyna Janda. He played the main role in Raszyd Tuguszew play „Rajskie Jablka” (PARADISE APPLES) about love, passion, life and death of Vladimir Vysotsky. The role of Vysotsky was very highly appreciated by theater critics. One of them, Janusz R. Kowalczyk in his review said: „…Amazing vitality, expression, characteristic husky voice of Evgen Malinovskiy, all these make you feel you are listening to Vysotsky himself… I admire and respect his unusual ability to move smoothly from dialogs to singing. Having seen the play you leave the theater full of real  satisfaction and happiness of touching the art of a best sort; the Art with a capital A”.  Aside from PARADISE APPLES, Evgen played in several college performances, such as: Wesele (THE WEDDING) by Stanisław Wyspiański, Pogrzebać umarłych (BURY THE DEAD) by Irvine Show, Łysa śpiewaczka (THE BOLD SOPRANO) by Eugene Ionesco, Trzy siostry (THREE SISTERS) by Anton Chekhov.


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